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Pyschic Sally 2020

Date: Wednesday 5th February

Venue: Main Auditorium - 7.30pm

Pyschic Sally 2020

Bcex presents
Pyschic Sally 2020


PSYCHIC SALLY - 10 Years and Counting - 

Following her gripping appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, with a triumphant Sally reaching the final five, the nation's favourite Psychic and forerunner in the Psychic world is back on tour with her all new show "10 Years and Counting".


Wowing audiences young and old across the country for over 10 years, Sally's show will have you on the edge of your seat, as she brings mediumship into the 21st century.


"My Ability" Sally explains " Allows me to harness the energy around individuals in the audience and pass on messages from their loved ones who have passed with incredible accuracy. I call every message validated a wonder moment.  So take your seats relax, be open minded and ready to come forward if you think the message is for you."


With her love, laughter and warmth, this show is a unique evening not to be missed. Book your tickets now to see this phenomenal psychic in action. 



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