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Quadrophenia - The Album LIVE

Date: Friday 16th March

Venue: Main Auditorium - 8.00pm

Quadrophenia - The Album LIVE

Quadrophenia - The Album LIVE

This  production acclaimed by a Sunday Times journalist as “Mighty, moving and unstoppable,” sees 7-piece band, The Goldhawks deliver a stunning live performance of The Who’s smash hit concept album, Quadrophenia.

Released over 40 years ago in October 1973, The Who’s second rock opera ‘Quadrophenia’ was Pete Townshend’s homage to a pivotal moment in British youth culture. The album tells the story of Jimmy, a Mod, by chronicling his dissatisfaction with life, work, love, home, and family life. It served as an ode to teenage angst and counterculture rebellion, as well as a criticism of the British class, economic and educational systems.

Ultimately, ‘Quadrophenia,’ told the story of the Who's first fans in the band’s earliest days, playing pubs and clubs in and around London in the '60s.

You don't need to be clued up on the history of the Mods and Rockers to enjoy this show because at its core, Quadrophenia, which peaked at No. 2 on the UK and USA charts, is just about teenage confusion, conflict and frustration.

Backed with exciting, large-screen projection of archival footage, the emotions, tension and raw power that the music demands is delivered masterfully by the fabulous, charismatic band The Goldhawks with amazing replication of The Who’s sound.


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