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BSO - The Seasons

Date: Saturday 21st March

Venue: Main Auditorium - 7.30pm

BSO - The Seasons

BSO - The Seasons



Rachel Nicholls (soprano) 

Joel Williams (tenor) 

Andrew Slater (bass) 

Conductor - Ian Smith 

Haydn - The Seasons 


Haydn wrote four major Oratorios the best known of which is, of course, The Creation. However The Seasons, the last to be written three years after The Creation, contains equally memorable music. the three soloists represent archetypal country folk and each season is described in a series of recitatives, arias and choruses. Some especially lyrical passages are the Choral Prayer for a bountiful harvest, the gentle nightfall that follows the storm and a beautiful reflection on Winter. 

The work is filled with the "tone-painting" that also charcterized The Creation; a ploughman whistles as he works (whistling the well-known theme from Haydn's own Surprise Symphony), a bird shot by a hunter falls from the sky, there is a sunrise and much merry making. 

If you have not heard this work before, or have not heard it for a while, then you will not be disappointed!


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