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I'm Still Standing - The Elton John Story

Date: Saturday 30th June

Venue: Main Auditorium - 7.30pm

I'm Still Standing - The Elton John Story

I'm Still Standing - The Elton John Story

Sir   Elton    Hercules    John,    CBE,    is    one    of    the    most    highly    acclaimed    and successful   solo   artists   of   all   time.   In   a   career   spanning   five   decades,   he   has achieved   38   gold   and   31   platinum   or   multi-platinum   albums,   has   sold   more than   300   million   records   worldwide,   and  holds   the   record   for   the   biggest selling   single   of   all   time.   Since   launching   his   first   tour   in   1970,   Elton   has over 4,000 performances in more than 80 countries to his credit.

I’M    STILL    STANDING    –    THE    ELTON    JOHN    STORY     takes    you    on    a    journey through    Elton’s    illustrious,    unparalleled    career    with    an    amazing    live    band recreating   the   authentic   sound   of   a   live   Elton   concert,   performing   classics   such as   Don’t   Go   Breaking   My   Heart,   Your   Song,   Candle   In   The   Wind,   Pinball   Wizard, Rocket   Man,   Crocodile   Rock  and   I   Guess   That's   Why   They   Call   It   the   Blues ,   to   name just   a   few! 

The   band   are   stunning   to   watch   and   play   the   tracks   with   great   energy and   all   100%   live.   Finished   off   with   beautiful   projections,   replica   costumes   and   a baby   grand   to   boot,   this   is   an   electrifying   evening   of   classic   hits   not   to   be   missed - the best party in town!

I’M   STILL   STANDING   –   THE   ELTON   JOHN   STORY    will   have   you   singing   and dancing   all   night   long!   Expect   a   fabulously   entertaining   and   dynamic   evening, watching   this   fantastic   tribute   to   Sir   Elton   -   shut   your   eyes   and   you'll   think   you're listening to the ‘Queen of Pop’ himself!


A Strictly Theatre Entertainments Ltd. Production



"Simply stunning!" - Paul Boon, The High Barn

"Uncanny vocals!" - Moonlight Bay, Lanzarote

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